by Sharon Boothroyd

Authentication by Jeff Wall, 2010.  From current exhibition at White Cube, Mason’s Yard until 7th January 2012.

Obviously you see pictures on a regular basis, but do you really get the chance to stop and look?

Yes, I do make time to look properly.

What type of pictures do you like to look at?

As a non-artist I like pictures that are aesthetically beautiful.  I’m less bothered about the conceptual photography until I really understand it.  I probably don’t observe them like photography students would, I study anthropology.  For example I don’t like these photographs as much as other ones we have had here.

What’s it like observing people looking at the photographs?  What kinds of things do you see?

Sometimes it’s funny seeing tour guides taking people around and totally making things up, that happens a lot!  It’s also interesting seeing how some people stop for ages and look at one photograph, one that I was not so interested in.  Makes me wonder what they find so fascinating and I sometimes go away and read more about it or look at it more.  I’d like to know why they like it so much.

Is there any type of photography that you hate?

Emmmm, no not hate.  I think they all have their merit.  Well if they are in here they should have.  I don’t like page 3 type imagery or playboy.  I don’t think it can be banned but I think it’s so negative for both genders.

What impact does looking at photographs have on you?

Well I think of Mark Edwards project The Hard Rain.  It’s using art as a form of promoting change for the environment, he takes it all round the world and gets people involved.  I thought it was inspiring to use art to promote actual change.