Anastasia Taylor-Lind Interview

I met Anastasia at the BJP Vision Festival where we were presenting our work for the Royal Photographic Society. Anastasia’s classic documentary style and her natural flair for story telling made for an engaging seminar.  When thinking about documentary photography I thought of her work.  As she has exhibited in galleries notable for their art collections (Saatchi, National Portrait Gallery) I asked her a few questions about how she views documentary and art.

SB:  How would you describe documentary photography?

ATL:  The definition of documentary photography for me is that the images/story is seated in reality and things that are real. I believe documentary photography should investigate and reflect in some way the political, social and cultural landscape that we live in, an approach that was defined for me on the BA Documentary Photography course at Newport University.

Do you think an art gallery is a good context for viewing documentary work?

Yes.  Certainly a gallery setting hugely effects the way the work is presented and the audience it reaches, compared to say an editorial feature.

Do you see your work as strongly one or the other (documentary or art) or are the lines blurred for you?

No, it is just documentary photography but can be seen/labeled as art or journalism or both.